Over on Twitter, @kamranahmedse pointed out to me that git-standup does similar things to git-recall which I recently talked about – and more. First off – thank you! Based on his github account, I'd assume that git-standup is his project and he's done really nice work here.

In case you missed the previous post on git-recall, git-standup helps you to understand what's been going on with a codebase by looking at commits either during the same day or a given range of days.

Install on Linux as follows:

curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kamranahmedse/git-standup/master/installer.sh sudo sh

or you can use npm:

npm install -g git-standup

or if you are on OSX then you can use brew:

brew install git-standup

Here are the very useful options that git-standup supports:

$ git standup [-a <author name>] 
              [-w <weekstart-weekend>] 
              [-m <max-dir-depth>]
              [-d <days-ago>]
              [-D <date-format>] 

After you change into a directory where you're working on something git, do this:


and you'll get a view of what happened over the past day. Where git-standup shines over git recall is in its use of command line options to expand beyond the previous day. And here's an example of looking back over the past 5 days: