When you are a product creator, there is something wonderful about building a product that people are really using and implementing a new feature that you know will make their lives easier. I am very, very please to announce the new Job Hound feature Cover Letters More Easily. Yes I know that's an absolutely crap name but it does describe what this does. Let me walk you through how this works.

At the heart of Job Hound is an underlying database of the jobs you apply for and how successful you are with them. Success is measured by your interactions with the job and Job Hound understands that the type of interaction that you have matters. Every job has a number of status fields like "got_hr_screen" or "passed_technical_interview". As each job gains additional status fields, the underlying "score" associated with how successful you are for this job grows. And that is how Job Hound can do things like generate a report of cover letters organized by most successful to least successful.

Let's walk through the cover letter creation process as it has been and then let's walk through it with the new features.


If you want to create a cover letter, you start at your list of Jobs to Apply For:


Let's say that you want to apply for the Eezy job so you click on it giving you the details of the job:

The obvious next step is to click on the Add Cover Letter button:


Clicking that Add Cover Letter button takes you into the Cover Letter writer where you can see the job description but you start with a totally blank screen.


Note: The Job Description above is something that Job Hound always tries to provide so that you can write your cover letter to respond to the requirements of the job.

Writing anything from a blank state is always harder than starting from a template so let's see how this has been improved.

With the New Feature

With the new feature you can start creating your cover letter for a job you want to apply for by going to the Successful Cover Letter report (click Report in the menu bar):


Select the Successful Cover Letters report from the links and you'll see the report of all your cover letters organized from most successful to least successful. In this case we want to use the Wedding Wire cover letter as a template for the job we want to apply to – Eezy.


Just select the Eezy job from the drop down list (yes I realize now that I didn't show Eezy in the drop down; apologies; it is there) and click the Create Cover Letter from this button. That will take you to the Cover Letter Writer with the selected template loaded in. You can now adjust the the cover letter for your new job. You'll notice an alert message at the top that reminds you to make adjustments like the company name and job title.



Now you can easily start from your list of cover letters, choose the one that works best for the job you want to apply to and instantly create a new cover letter from it. Enjoy!