I'm a new user to my Apple Pencil, the one with the magnet that charges on the top of the iPad. I mean I've had it since I got an iPad Pro but I dropped it in my laptop bag and, well, never even remembered it existed. A friend told me "Use Your iPad with the Apple Pencil and Google Jamboard and its fantastic" (future blog post coming). And I think that's a great idea but the first problem I found was that my Apple Pencil was dead, dead, dead.

So the obvious question is how do you know that your Apple Pencil is charged? I started with 9 to 5 Mac and their instructions simply didn't work for me.

What I discovered is that when you attach your Apple Pencil to your iPad with the magnet, it very quickly flashes the charge on the screen. You don't need to do anything special to know this – just detach and re-attach.