Yesterday I posited that an iPad could be a serious productivity tool and I later realized "well that's interesting and all but have you really ever created anything on one?" So to quell my inner self doubt, I set out to try and even though I had my laptop right next to me, I opted to use my iPad and, in about an hour, I had produced 1091 words of this. No real need to read it – it is a personal piece on parenting and childhood. Not my average bit of word flow but something that just raced off my finger tips in an inspiring flow.

Given that I was sitting in the dark next to a sick child as I wrote this, the fact that I could do it so quickly even using a less than perfect keyboard says something. And while I say less than perfect, that doesn't mean its bad. The Belkin keyboard I'm using is as good as I've found and I really do love it. The editor I used was Notesy for Dropbox and its seamless sync meant that I could write on the iPad and then do a cat ~/me/notesy/childhood_memories.txt pbcopy to let me paste it into TextMate on my mac for final editing before using Jekyll to publish it.

Notesy is actually quite good. It is vastly better than editors I used to live in like ScripSit on a TRS-80 Model I where everything I wrote from high school thru my first two years of college was published.

So I put my money where my mouth is and I actually did create content using nothing but an iPad.