That new project I mentioned has kept me from blogging much about Inbox Buddy but I thought a quick update is in order.  The product is doing well although we do have some installation issues tied to Microsoft's lack of a view creation API for Outlook 2000 (sigh.  APIs for lots of things but not that).  We've got a new release coming out this week that adds a bunch of new features and after it goes through some more qa I'll post the 0.904 release.  One of those features will be BCC warning so you at least know that you are replying to everyone on a BCC.  Think about it -- we've all done that.  Your boss BCC's (blind carbon copy) you on an email and then you think you are part of the conversation and accidentally reply.  Oops.  When I worked at the late, lamented Dataware this happened all the time.

Oh and there has been some confusion about why Spam isn't automatically routed to a folder in Inbox Buddy.  That's an easy thing to do and I'll blog a tutorial on it over on the Inbox Buddy Blog.  This almost certainly should be a default although the natural developer fear of false positives has scared us away from it (we'll probably do it soon).  Thanks to Matt Mower over at Novissio for righteously hammering me on this early this morning.