Pickhardt / Betty introduced me to the concept of HyperTerm and I have to admit that I was initially dismissive. HyperTerm is a terminal built on top of Node and features web standards at the level of the terminal itself. It has some interesting features:

  • url support - type in a url and press enter and it opens in the terminal. Damn. Impressive. Weird. Impressive.
  • better colors - yes it is minor but surprisingly pleasant
  • better sounds - again minor but very nice.

There's also some bad:

  • sluggish - clicking on a terminal tab just groans with slowness.
  • it doesn't go far enough - if this is ever going to succeed then it needs to do more than the hat trick of opening google in the terminal; it needs to be composable, pipeable, etc.

A solid discussion of HyperTerm can be found on Hacker News.


Installation is a bit tedious so here are all the steps:

  • brew update
  • brew tap caskroom/cask
  • brew cask update
  • brew cask install hyperterm

Very, very interesting. I've used it on and off all day long and for an early release piece of open source, it has been pleasant to use. That's a decent statement to make abouti