Someone recently IM'd me about my "100 Things About Me" post which was, good lord, 3 plus years old and I thought this was an interesting meme: 10 things which have changed about you or are just plain geeky as all heck since you either started a web 2.0 company or joined one:

  1. New favorite caffeinated beverage: Vietnamese iced coffee
  2. Number of post mortem documents you have written with at least one #$&#*($# word in them: ALL.
  3. Number of times you've installed linux on company servers: At least 40.
  4. Number of tattoos you had when you started company / joined company: 0.
    Number you have now: 1.
    Number visible with clothes on: 0.
  5. Number of times you've slept in the office: Don't know but its likely within the size of a MySQL tinyint field.
  6. Number of people you've dated since your web 2.0 experience started: 1.
  7. Geekiest thing you've done since you joined a web 2.0 company: Convert an Intel 486sx chip to a keychain while watching my son take a bath.
  8. Number of times you've changed blogging tools: 5.
  9. Number of times you've sworn at a blogging tool when you lost a post with it: Well it certainly exceeds the maximum value of #5.
  10. Number of venture capitalists who've turned you down: Next question please.

And, for the special bonus round:

  1. Number of pounds you've put on since you started: 12.

Note: You're 10 things would be likely different than mine. That's good. I'm just curious if my experiences are the norm. Niall? Want to continue this?