Any developer has, at one point in his or her career, had this type of conversation between themselves and one or more other developers:

(04:31:39) mikeair888: and we've still got a full day US time
(04:32:01) fuzzygroup: more than that actually
(04:32:13) fuzzygroup: the board meeting is at 9 am pst which is 12 pm est
(04:32:26) mikeair888: oh cool
(04:32:29) fuzzygroup: and its 5 am here (ok 4:30 but lets make the math easy)
(04:32:33) mikeair888: yep
(04:32:35) fuzzygroup: so that's 24 + 7 hours
(04:32:39) fuzzygroup: or 31 hours total