Jeremy, an engineer on Yahoo Search, in discussing why people find Google's results to be the best, even in the face of a blind "taste test" which proves they aren't shows tremendous courage with this post which quotes Seth Godin's post on the same topic:

Jeremy: I won't go into the flaws with this method, since that's really not the point. He goes on to say:

Seth: Which reinforces my point that Google isn't "better" for most people if "better" means more relevant or deeper. Google is better because it feels better and quicker and leaner and easier to use. The story we tell ourselves about Google is very different, and we use it differently as a result. Think about that the next time you insist you need a "better" formula or a faster server or a stronger first baseman.

Seth: Music sounds better through an iPod because we think it does. Design matters. Stories matter most of all.

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Jeremy: Bingo!

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Given that I just finished Seth's book "All Marketers are Liars" and, honestly, loved it, this resonates tremendously with me. Now given that we're thinking lots and lots about Feedster's design issues right now, I need to point out this information to our people.