My youngest son, M, spent a fair bit of Saturday with me. We went to Menard's, a local DIY store, for a table top for my new desk and then we went to the playground at his school afterwards. A trip to buy carpentry is never a short trip - lumber has to be evaluated, a finish has to be selected from the 1000 odd different types of polyurethane* that they sell, the tool aisle has to be perused, etc. So for a ten year old boy, with a deep and abiding love for is iPad Mini, this is likely as close to one of Dante's circles as you might find.

Suprisingly, at the end of the trip, he turned to me and said:

Dad - they say that a dog is man's best friend; I say that a Dad is man's best friend.

I'm still glowing / thrilled / elated.

*Hint: Minwax One Coat Water Based Polyurethane is absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended.