I had a really, really interesting talk with a friend yesterday about the current times and they commented to me:

My mom has come to live with me and she is immuno-compromised (COPD) so we're taking this really, really seriously.

Even though perhaps we should all just hunker down, adopt a bunker mentality and never let anyone into our homes, that's just not realistic or even viable. What we need to do is be smart about this. They spoke to me a bit about their precautions and I've merged them with the things we are doing and here you go!

You Are Going to Have Visitors So Be Safe!

  1. Put a hand washing reminder sign on your door.
  2. Put wipes by the door so that no one has to touch your door handle. If you can't get wipes then maybe a sack of old grocery bags.
  3. Put a trash can by the inside of the door so you can throw away the wipe or grocery bag.
  4. Shoes come off inside the door and are left on a mat
  5. Remove the hand towels from all your bathrooms and substitute paper towels (bad hand washing can leave the virus on a cloth towel for the next person).