I have a number of friends who work on assembly lines and all of them are:

  • Terrified of getting sick
  • Have no option of working from home
  • Want to work
  • Need to work

Once upon a time my father used to own a manufacturing operation and this is the advice that I'd give him - buy these for all your line workers:


In the picture above, I am wearing my face shield that I use when I cut wood on my table saw. It:

  • Isn't a mask (and that's ok because there is a shortage of masks and masks aren't as effective as you would think)
  • Costs only $15 at Menards or Home Depot
  • Should be readily available as it isn't a medical device
  • Qualifies as valid safety equipment since that is its purpose

As an employer, whether or not you offer health care, you simply don't want your employees getting sick. And I'm firmly of the belief that people are smart but often get distracted so giving them a visual reminder "don't touch your face" is probably helpful.