Dear Chris,

I just decided to follow your advice and install Maxthon. And, while I applaud you for your enthusiasm for this product, after about 5 minutes of trying it, all I have to say is this:


I'm really, really glad that Maxthon works for you but it just doesn't work at all for me. Here's why:

  1. CTRL+T. No support for CTRL+T to create a new tab. Given that I'm hugely used to FireFox, when I tried Maxathon and found that CTRL+T did not create a new tab, I was just spooked from the beginning.  Yes I know that Maxthon predates Firefox but I'm kind of surprised that since it knows I had Firefox and offered to import my thousands of bookmarks that it didn't automatically set CTRL+T for me.  (Ok this is a stretch but when you're an alternative product struggling for market share wouldn't this be a great approach?)

  2. Feed Support. I know that I've seen you rave about its RSS support but when I went to Jeremy's blog and clicked on one of his RSS icons, I get this. I'm sorry but having a feed displayed when you click on an RSS icon isn't a good user experience. Shouldn't Maxathon have recognized the feed and displayed it in its aggie ?
  3. Refresh Button. I was testing some new Feedster Ajax features in Maxathon to see if they were compatible with IE's XML model so I needed to regularly refresh the page. Where's the Refresh icon or button? Here's what Maxathon looks like on my System.
  4. OPML Support. I couldn't find it. Is it here?

Any thoughts? I do trust your opinion on stuff so I'm curious. It might be just that I'm so used to FireFox / Mozilla that I'm just not able to properly grok the Zen of Maxathon. So did I miss something when you raved about Maxathon ? Thanks man. Hope all is well with you and Ponzi.

-- Scott