Dear Blogging Community as a Whole,

I wanted to say I'm sorry.  I've violated one of Scoble's core blogging rules i.e. "Don't change your blog / feed url" often (if ever).  Well I've done that all too often but I now have a new url:

And since that meets these criteria:
  1. Is using a great product that I do honestly love (WordPress)
  2. Is a domain that i control completely and runs on my own server
  3. Lets me hack on the code base
  4. Has allowed me to finally merge my old Radio blog entries (I have a Radio to WordPress plugin I'll release soon), I'll have a critical mass of content there, enough that I won't change things again. And if you think I'm doing this as a forcing event to keep myself honest, well, who am I to tell you different?
So thanks everyone.  See you at the FuzzyBlog.