The vast breadth of things on the Internet never fails to amaze me. And when I discover something new, I find that writing about it helps me internalize them. Camel Camel Camel, hence forth referred to as Camel^3, is one that I am absolutely late to the party on but I thought that someone out there might not know about it.

Camel^3 is an Amazon price watcher that lets you supply either an Amazon link or simply a search term as well as a price target. Camel^3 will then persistently monitor that product and alert you when the price drops. The advantage to this is that even though you think that Amazon’s prices are fixed, they are actually fairly variable and when you have a non immediate purchase need, Camel^3 gets you what you need at a cheaper price.

In my case I’m currently lusting after a Synology NAS Disc array which presently has a price of $175. So I added it to my Camel^3 page with a price target of $130. And since this is going to require drives with it, I can also set up Camel^3 price watches on Western Digital RED Raid Drives. So if my price watches get fulfilled between the disc array and the drives, I should save about $200.

Camel^3 makes money by you returning to their page and using their affiliate links to Amazon. There doesn’t seem to be any privacy violations, advertising or any other crap as all too often there are. Oh and massive props to Camel^3 for allowing use of its service without even creating an account and password. That’s hugely awesome.

Strongly Recommended.