Unlike most of what I write here, this isn’t a recipe, instead it is a technique. A friend forwarded me a post from his Facebook feed and said “any thoughts?”:


What he was really asking me here was “Are there better Gluten Free tortillas than corn tortillas?” but the problem people generally have with corn is that they don’t bend well. So here are some thoughts:

  1. I’ve also tried the gluten free tortillas that aren’t corn and had a similar result so its not the original author. I also found that the texture just sucked – they were gummy.
  2. There is a technique that is mildly annoying but works perfectly well and I use it for making pans of gluten free enchiladas covered in sauce.

If you want to make corn tortillas flexible then what you do is:

  • Take a clean dish towel (or stack of paper towels) and make it moist.
  • Take your corn tortillas and place them on a plate and wrap them in the moist toweling.
  • Wrap all of that with saran wrap tightly.
  • Microwave them for up to 90 seconds (depends on how many tortillas)
  • Unwrap them quickly and take out one (covering the rest back up).
  • Fill the tortilla with whatever and shape it accordingly (normally I do a burrito roll without trying to fold the ends).
  • Lather; Rinse; Repeat with the rest.

Here are two recipes that showcase this technique:

Note: Cooks Country taught me this; they are an excellent source.