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Ruby on Rails - Full Stack - Crawling, Indexing, Search

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I'm an experienced senior software engineer with the ability to start from nothing and build an MVP for you or to parachute into a large, legacy codebase and successfully enhance it as needed -- or anything in between.

Some of the products I've built include:

  • GameNanny - Purchase monitoring for XBox players
  • FI Navigator - Crawling and analytics of all consumer banks in the U.S. including data science routines for calculating app usage
  • AppData - An indexed database of all major app stores, 5,000 apps when I started and 6 million plus apps when I was done
  • TheraChat - MVP for a next generation therapist to patient communications system based on a Rails backend and an app front end
  • eduFire - Ecommerce Marketplace for individualized learning
  • Feedster - The world's first blog search engine

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Ruby - Rails - AWS - DevOps - MySQL - Docker - RSpec - TDD - Big Data - API Development


Agile - Hiring - Project Management - Acquisition Due Diligence

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Phone: 317-531-4853

Skype: fuzzygroup

Twitter: fuzzygroup